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Hi! We are Leire and Joaquín, and we are travel bloggers… Or perhaps it is better to say travel addicted, always searching our next destination.

We want to introduce you our travel blog and social networks. This blog was born in March 2018, since then we have not stopped adding travel itineraries, places to visit or activities to do. We love sharing our trips, but also giving useful information so that other travelers can organize their trip. We always give truthful information, whether we like something or not. We like to give good recommendations and of course if we have done something wrong, say it so that others don´t make the same mistakes, at least new ones 🙂

In our post, our readers can find information but also travel pictures. We understand that this is the best way to get the destination and share the experiences we have lived, in addition to providing a plus of reality.

You will find destinations in Spain, Europe and the rest of the world. We make all kinds of trips, depending on the destination we visit. We are not closed to a single way of traveling, because we understand that not all destinations are the same, are they? We have made trips on our own, but we have also required the services of specialized agencies that have advised us when we go on a trip.

In our blog you will find all kinds of trips, although it is true that we are not «backpackers». We are travelers with a suitcase in a hand and a camera in the other, willing to discover the destination where we travel and to take with us all the good experiences and sensations that we can. We love hotels (especially Leire) but we have also enjoy staying in apartments and cottages. You will find excursions, since from time to time we like to hire city tours. You will also find restaurant recommendations, as long as we can give each other a tribute at lunchtime (this is more Joaquin). And tips to make good and beautiful photos.

We invite you to read the blog. Take a look at the destinations that we have already post, but we have to let you know we haven’t posted yet all the destinations that we have visited, we are under a continuous update. Since the blog was created, we have been posting and adding content regularly, except when we are traveling, then we work on the blog gathering the information and data necessary to write such complete entries when we return, that can help the next travelers.


We have been lucky enough to be nominated twice to the Liebster Awards, being very satisfactory when other colleagues know who you are and recognize our work. A job that is hard, although we do it with much enthusiasm, because at the end it is all about TRAVELLING.

Social Media

We like social networks! In fact, we love them. We have been in some good events thanks to them, as in the last edition of Fitur, in which we met other nice travel bloggers and Instagram accounts.

The social network where we have most visibility is Instagram. We currently have 6.600 followers. And it is where we update content daily and tell about the trips and experiences lived through our account @los_viajes_de_eriel. What we upload on Instagram we share to the rest social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

Collaborate with our Blog

Do you have a travel blog? Perhaps is not a travel blog but you may want to include something related to travel, if for example you want to write an entry to talk about a specific destination, or you are going to include a new section in your blog, in which you will make collaborations with other bloggers… Do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to listen to your proposals and participate in them, in everything that is within our possibilities.

If you have a travel agency or sell experiences, maybe you need other people who have made them to write about it on your social networks, or we can write an entry in the blog. Maybe you need information about a destination that we are going to visit, etc. There are endless possibilities of collaboration and we can treat it how it is most useful to you.

Accommodations, restaurants, car rentals … They are services that every traveler needs in their travels and we believe it is good to inform about a good one. The possibilities of collaboration are endless and we also adapt to the needs of each one.


Coming up next we leave some collaborations we have made:

  • Viamers We have had the great opportunity to collaborate with them, offering them our itineraries so they can help other travelers. We are all waiting for the launch of the app, which will surely leave us all amazed
  • AwesomeMaps They have a great variety of maps that adapt to all kinds of tastes. We have collaborated with them through the creation of a promotional code and then publishing the photos of the map received on the Instagram social network.
  • SaalDigital. Thanks to them we could try the services of this brand we have two very good photo albums and a great professional finish. A memory for life. On this occasion they asked us to send them pictures of the albums when they arrived at our house, as well as fill out an assessment through a link that the brand sent us.

Why Collaborate with us?

In addition to the reasons already discussed above, as we have said, we can adjust to the needs that each product has. We also believe that it is the possibility of collaborating with people who like to travel and who move and relate to other people who also have same interests about travelling, which will make the brand or service will reach a recipient who is truly interested in that information provided.

Neither do we want to deceive anyone and least of all ourselves. We want to get away from the typical post that looks like an advertisement, that is, a perfect photo, in the perfect place and at the bottom of the photo. And then… the ad!! Buy this insurance, book with this brand … Honestly, what makes us different from TV? The idea of ​​a blog is to be able to tell the experience, of course there will be included the one who sold it to me. Because if something was good for me, it can also be good for another traveler.

If you are starting, we can help you through the collaborations. If you are a brand or company and want to start introducing your product or services on social networks like Instagram, in a closer way and not through the typical announcement that does not reach everyone, we suggest you start a collaboration with this travel blog Los Viajes de Eriel.

We will help you spread your services or products with publications on social networks, adjusting each publication to your needs. Obviously we do not want to fool anyone and our theme is about travel, if for example you are a small rural hotel, we will upload photos taken in your accommodation, we will write an entry in the blog where we will tell our experience (we will always tell the truth).

What are the advantages of collaborating with us? We understand that a great brand can spend a lot of money on advertising and everybody already knows it, maybe you also think that an Influencer or person with a large presence in social networks can meet your needs, but from the point of view of the consumer (in which we include ourselves) many times we doubt the veracity of these collaborations and we feel that it is more ads in our eyes. Collaborating with a travel blog like Los Viajes de Eriel will allow you to reach real people, even if they are not thousands of followers, being focused on a certain sector, it will allow you to reach real potential customers, people who may really be interested in the products you offer.

If you decide to collaborate with us, we will proceed to tell our experience, in a real way, without lies. We will tell our impressions and what we have done, as well as pictures, and relevant reviews on Instagram, on the travel blog or Facebook. We recommend the first two, as this is where we have the most presence and where we believe we can help you the most because of the relevance they have and the great follow-up of the social network Instagram, which also serves to show a great visual content.

We will comment everything. The good thing about a collaboration is that everything can be talked about. If you want something special within our possibilities, feel free to ask. There are several ways of collaboration and we are open to suggestions, as well as we can offer you some ideas.


Our goal is collaboration. We listen to you! There is no money involved, we don´t have a price per post published, or something similar.

Contact with us

If you want to collaborate with us, do not hesitate to contact us at:

Send us an email: losviajesderiel@gmail.com

With a Direct Message to: @los_viajes_de_eriel

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